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Ingrid Lucas’s work is highly intelligent, looking at hidden agendas. Her paintings use color and size to seduce the viewer into another world of time.
Oil paint is applied thinly and evenly over a large canvas. The relationship between art and politics is a subtle and complex one. The process of creation is an act of engagement with the world around the artist. It need not be a direct statement on an immediate political event for it to have resonances, but perhaps aim far beyond its immediate intention.

She deals with events and images that have had political impact in an attempt to remind us of lessons learnt and forgotten. Ingrid comments - "The ambiguity of time and space within my paintings creates confusion....... a juxtaposition of the visible becoming invisible, the seen becoming unseen and forgotten.”
2008 - 2010 MA Fine Art - Wimbledon College of Art.
2008  Noel Spenser Award for Printmaking
2006 - 2008 BA Hons Fine Art - Painting Norwich University of the Arts.
1996 - 1998 Diploma in Fine Art - Putney School of Art.
1988 - 1991 Interior Architecture Degree - Guildhall University.

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