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Working out how much things cost and what to charge is the least pleasurable part of my work. If I could afford it, I would give away my pieces to anyone who truly appreciated them, but unfortunately I haven't won the lottery and at least need to cover my cost and time. So here are the sizes of the pieces. To see the costs, use the "Shop on ETSY" link. They are not as expensive as you may think. Quality at affordable prices.

L x W X D (cm)

The Italian Job

Fountain Face

Mr Tumnus

The Green Man



Unicorn Skull

The Satyr


Old Big Mouth

25 x 16 x 6

25 x 21 x 7

24 x 14 x 7

20 x 16 x 5

13 x 12 x 6

19 x 19 x 7

21 x 10 x 15

19 x 19 x 7

20 x 16 x 5

25 x 16 x 7

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