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  • Tony Lucas

A source of inspiration

I came across a small book the other day, titled "A little Book of Gargoyles" by Mike Harding, the stand up comedian and actor. Its a great little book and looking through the illustrations, I was amazed at the skill of these early sculptors who made faces and figures for Churches, many of which would never be seen properly as they were placed high up on the building or in remote corners of the interior.

One illustration in particular caught my eye. It was a sculpture, in bronze, from the Boboli Gardens in Florence, Italy. It is just a small element of a much larger sculpture but its right up my street as an inspirational piece and I want to have a go at creating something inspired by it. It won't be the same as a) I don't want to make a copy and b) I am not that gifted.

If I could achieve something even a quarter as good as that I would die a happy man. Truly a masterpiece and one I am summoning up the courage to have a go at. Watch this space.

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