All Saints Church

Our services are held on the 4th Sunday of the month at 11.00am and we extend a very warm welcome to all.

We are a family of 4 churches, St Giles, Desborough, All Saints, Braybrooke, St Mary's, Brampton Ash and All Saints, Dingley.

Covid Guidance

At the Parochial Church Council (PCC) meeting on 20/07/21 this guidance was agreed.


Masks ~ The Government – “expects and recommends” face masks – we continue to ask people to wear masks (unless they cannot do so for medical reasons) as they enter the Church, until they are seated, and as they leave.

Social Distancing ~ We ask that you please maintain 2 metres distancing with flow guidance remaining in place.


Sung Worship ~ To sing throughout the service without face masks, this guidance may be deemed not enough by the minister leading the service, by any, newcomers, or by the congregation member not on the PCC. Therefore at some services there will not be singing without masks throughout the service.

Holy Communion ~ We will continue to administer Communion as we have been: the

priest (hand sanitised, and wearing a mask) distributing the Bread, and the priest consuming the wine on behalf of the congregation.

The Peace ~ It be requested that congregations stay seated – waving is best

How to find it: The lovely, ancient church of All Saints, Dingley, is set in a quiet location in the village, near Dingley Hall. To find the church, walk or drive down Church Lane and near the bottom of the lane you will see a blue door set in a stone wall. Go through this door and walk along the path and you will come to the church. Everyone is welcome to our services.

Church Wardens: 

Jamie Robertson 01858 535573

Parish Safeguarding Officer: Anne Knight 01858 432576

Photo: Copyright Tony Lucas 2019

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