Parish Council

Clerk: Justina Medwell ~ 01536 771232

Chair: Bill Jones ~ 410722


Rob Hinxman

Maureen Anderson

Steve Dudson

Parocial Church Council

Rector: Revd. Hannah Jeffery

The Community Centre

Lower Street,


NN14 2NP

Tel: 01536 506209



Church Warden:

Richard Knight ~ 432576

Church Warden:

Jamie Robertson ~ 535573

Village Hall Committee

Person what takes notes: Linda Ellis

Chair: Fiona Barnaby ~ 535404

Treasurer: Richard Lamb ~ 530752

Key Holder: Tony Lucas ~ 535201

Neighbourhood Watch
The Village Pump

Editor: Elaine Whitesides

Friends of Dingley Park

Steve Dudson
Mob: 07734 144030


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