Park Map 2019.jpg


Some parts of the park have historic established names, others have had no designation. Various areas have been given either names or designations that are easily recognisable and identified on the park map, numbered as follows:


1.  Silvester Field (after Johnny Silvester)

2.  Sandholes Wood

3.  Community Wood

4.  Orchard

5.  Drakes Meadow

6.  Gilbert Meadow (after Stan Gilbert)

7.  Dew Pond

8.  Churchgate Field

9.  Cesspit Copse

10. The Ice House

11. Picnic Corner


Special Trees: A. Ancient Oak    B. Ancient Crab Apple    C. Veteran Field Maple

12. East Tree Circle

13. Rose Brook (after Dennis Rose)

14. The Lake

15. West Tree Circle

16. Millennium Wood

17. Diamond Wood

18. Easter Border

19. The Nursery

20. Northern Border

21. Lower Lodge Slope

22. Access Gate

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